Empty Report


(Sathishkumar) #1

Hi i installed reporting plugin , after generating report , it is coming empty pdf,
following parameters are i used in kibana.yml file.

Please give solution for this, what i need to do.

reporting.capture.loadDelay: 9000
reporting.capture.timeout: 18000
reporting.kibanaApp: /app/kibana
reporting.kibanaServer.protocol: http
reporting.queue.timeout: 300000
reporting.queue.syncSocketTimeout: 3000000

(Joe Fleming) #2

I have a few questions:

  • Do you have Kibana behind a proxy?
  • How are you connecting to Kibana, (ie. localhost,,, custom hostname)?
  • What OS are you running Kibana on?

(Sathishkumar) #3

Hi joe,

Thanks for your reply,
my issue was solved now actualy i missed the
"reporting.kibanaServer.hostname: "

now its working fine


(system) #4