Reporting Preserve Layout vs Optimize PDF

Hi, I've created a dashboard that I'd like to save as a report and if I optimize the pdf for printing it runs quickly but if I choose to preserve the layout, it will timeout and give me the Max Attempts Reached (3). The dashboard doens't have have a crazy amount of graphs but several metrics visualizations and two bar charts. I've also increased the timeout period as well.

Any ideas why preserving the layout keeps timing it out?


There is a troubbleshooting guide which throws more light on this error: Reporting troubleshooting | Kibana Guide [8.11] | Elastic

Also are you running behind a proxy ? if you have the server running Kibana firewalled to block outbound traffic to whatever port Kibana is running on, then you will get the Kibana took too long to load error. Also to some extent explanation provided here might help? Reporting timeout errors on 6.4.0 - Max attempts reached (3) · Issue #21443 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Can you provide more logs, screenshots to debug this issue further ?
Many thanks

I've already tried expanding the timeout period to 5 minutes and it doesn't sit behind a reverse proxy. If I save as pdr but optimize for printing, it runs in about 30 seconds so I'm not sure why keeping the layout takes so long.

I shall cc @Stacey_Gammon to take a look when she has some time.


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