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Hi All,

Iam using Elastic stack and kibana , for different purposes, so we use to feed the csv files from vulnerability scans. So we need to create a datatable of host ,ip , issue and solution.
Problem is in the solution column its like it has more spaces and its not a single line or one paragraph ,it looks like this.


and due to this we are unable to get the all the values ,and the documents with type of solution format, is ignored while creating datatable.

So I thought of creating saved search, instead of datatable visualisation and added to the dashbaord and it look like this and am able to see all the values

but the probleem is am unbale to generate this report as apdf ,it comes like this error message

There was an error generating your report for the "Criticals_Nessus_Servere" dashboard: Error: Timeout exceeded (20000)

am not sure ,how to proceed in getting these reports as a pdf with all the soutions and values, without omitting any field values.

Please anyone help me in figuring out this .


Hi @Raj_Kumar,

depending on the amount of data, generating the report pdf might take a while. If the default timeout is too low for your use-case you can increase it using the xpack.reporting.queue.timeout setting in your kibana.yml. I assume reporting works for you in other cases?

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