Good Morning!
I would like if you could help me with the Available fields, because when I select them, the report comes out without information?
If you print without the Available fields, everything will be normal.

Hey @marcio_lima, can you give me more information on this?
Which version of kibana do you use?
Moreover, what do you mean if you print without the Available fields?
The report is going to be generated with the selected fields. The available fields section has all the fields that you can add to your table and being exported.

This printout I sent shows the filters I selected the, GeoLocation.city_name. When generating to .CSV
it does not display my filters.
Now, when I see everything that is displayed in Discover and save all the research, the .CSV report is displayed. Just don't show
when I add the filters I want.
Latest installed version opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana-1.13.2

Ok, I see, so this is not Elastic's ES and kibana but a different product. I would recommend asking this at the Opendistro community. Sorry I couldn't help you but I hope that someone else in this community will know the answer nevertheless!


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