Response code in kibana


I Have configured ELK stack which is working perfect. but I cant see the response code in kibana so that I can make dashboard that how may 200 or 300 request came.
anybody can help me about that.
I am using filebeat and apache.

Hi ,
Possibly , you can create a vertical bar chart with Y axis being a count of documents (by default is the one that is selected). Then you can add a new aggregation, first we want a total count of documents distributed on time and then we want to split this total with the different existing codes. Furthermore, the first aggregation will be per timestamp and the second one per codes. You want to plot the timestamp on the X axis (select X axis ) and you want to split the bars into the different codes (select Split bars ). Something like this shown below

  • After applying, the final result should be something like this.

  • You can play with the interval, if you want to aggregate data for more or less time (there are several options like hourly, daily, monthly ...). Remember to change the timespan on the top, if you want to see more data, because this graph is limited by that timestamp. You can add this visualization to the dashboard.

Hope this is clear, else, feel free to reach out again..


Hi Rashmi,

I appropriate your reply. but I want to capture the 200, 300, 400 & 500 response code. currently what I am getting that is attached with screenshot.

So that I can filter the output according to its response like status:200 or status:[400 TO 499] something like this.

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