Restore from found-snapshots across clusters

Is it possible to use the default "found-snapshots" S3 repository to restore from one cluster into another (e.g. prod -> test)? For context I'm using elastic cloud to host our deployment environments (managed on top of aws by elastic cloud).

From what I gather from the docs, I can add the prod environment snapshot repo as a read only snapshot repo inside of test's kibana and then do a restore.

However I ran into some IAM access issues when I tried to do this through the UI (using the "found-snapshots" configuration shown on prod). I will continue to troubleshoot this...

Another question, I see from these docs you can apparently accomplish what I'm looking to do through itself (rather than kibana). I initiated a restore this way from prod -> test, but in test's kibana the "Restore Status" tab on the "snapshot and restore" page (e.g. /app/management/data/snapshot_restore/snapshots) is empty, so how are restore initiated through related to those done in kibana?

I do see that a new snapshot repo ("_clone_80ce1d7f") now appears in test's kibana which I imagine is a complete clone of the snapshot repo in prod? But ultimately I want to connect the same repo as read only for convenient restores that I will schedule on recurring intervals.

Sorry for the disorganized braindump, I'd appreciate any insights, tips, or useful links. I've poured over the snapshot and restore docs already for some time but still find them somewhat sparse on the details I need.

Most of these snapshost_restore operations would be better to be done via the cloud UI since they require a few more sensitive operation when restoring system indices. For regular data you will have to check on what the errors and requirements are: for example I regularly use GCP snapshots for my test environment and the identity management is done via a json file that you configure and download from the GCS side.

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