Restore kibana index

I would like to perfom a restore of my production environnment in my test environnment.

I have two clusters, they share the same folder for the snapshot.

On production, I do a snapshot of my indices specially .kibana-6 who contains all saved searched, dashboards etc...

On test cluster who have the .kibana index, I do a restore action with curator, I see my .kibana-6 index but he's not "active" because I already have an .kibana index.
How I can do a restore to have my .kibana index from the snapshot and use it ?

Test server : 6.4.2
production server : 6.3.0

The main goal is to snapshot indices from production, restore in test, and upgrade test cluster in 6.5.X and see if everithing is OK.

Thank you for you help.

I believe in your production environment Kibana is pointing to .kibana, which is the default. This is an alias pointing to your .kibana-6 index.

It sounds like before you restore, you will want to ensure that no .kibana* indices or aliases exist and then restore them.

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