Reverting to basic license after upgrading to 6.8

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We had an ES6.7 cluster we were trialling RBAC on. We were happy with the results with the intent to purchase and used the cluster in production. In the interim it was announced that the auth functionality would be free in 6.8.

The only requirement we had from the paid version was the RBAC and kibana spaces features. During the trial, we upgraded to 6.8 which has these features free. However our license has expired and we need to downgrade to basic.

Given that we're now using the cluster, we're concerned that there may be some interruption if we do this.

Can anyone advise me as to whether it is safe to downgrade to the basic license from the trial on 6.8 without losing the authentication and kibana spaces?

What could I check to assess and prevent any possible loss of service before doing this?

Assistance appreciated,

I don't you will loose anything as long as you are using file based realm and no LDAP or anything like that.

Note that the license comes also with a great support and many other features. :slight_smile:

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I'll reply with the results if we find otherwise.

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