RHEL Installation mode on Linux

Hi Team,

We are planning to setup ELK stack. Please let us know which is preferred way of installing ELK stack on RHEL 7.

Either rpm based or tar.gz installation, which will help us smooth upgrade process whenever we need to upgrade to new version.


If you read your own question again do you think there is enough information to answer it?
Do you say anything that can be used to make any qualified response?
F. Ex: what size of cluster? What kind of configuration/orchestration solution do you use? What kind of security policy do you have to comply with? What kind of usage will it see? What are the uptime requirements? How much customization will be done? All these things can have an impact on choice.
Without knowing anything at all about what you are looking for I would say RPMs.

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Sorry for the less information provided as this setup is completely new so didn't have much idea for me. We are working in an environment where the servers don't internet connection.

So though of posting in community to get some inputs.

As of now we need to setup a ELK stack on RHEL sever on-premises to show the functionality and the upgrade process.

Thanks for your reply.

Would be easy to set up an internal yum repository for your use. Then you just update the repository by hand with the rpms, and then use yum on the elk servers.

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