Step by Step by Document to Install and configure ELK - Centos

Hi Experts,

Can any one help with Document where I can find step by steps to configure ELK in CentOS or RHEL.

Steps in Elastic site is totally confusing.

There's really nothing CentOS/RHEL-specific about setting up Elasticsearch, except that Debian-based systems obviously won't use RPMs and RPM-based distributions obviously won't install Debian packages.

If you tell us why the steps are confusing we can improve them, and in the process help out with your problems.

Thanks for reply.

We are planning to move some use case from Splunk to ELK stack. In splunk there is clear steps to create complete stack of Splunk like creating Search head cluster, Index cluster, forwarder configuration. But I could not see any proper document for ELK.

In ELK I found there is three tool we need to configure Elastic search, Logstash, Kibana.

My requirement would be setting up Kibana, Logstash, Elastic search with High availability & Load balancing( if one instance down setup should continue with other setup).

Kindly help with such document if already available.

I found Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide very useful for learning Elasticsearch and how to set up a cluster. For Logstash the best equivalent is probably Deploying and Scaling Logstash.

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