Role based access control displays Management Section


I am facing a bug on the Kibana/ElasticSeach.
I created a user with a test role that can have access only with Dashboards and Discover Section access but unfortunately, it displays the "Management" Section along with the above mentioned Section(s).

I tried all the options displayed in the Management Section, which almost all the options were not functional except the watchers were available to be edited/worked out.

Please advise, how to remove this Management Section to a User with just "Discover and Dashboards" Sections to be displayed.

Thanks in Advance.


Hello!!! Is there anyone to help me out??

Hello @bmbrit

Apologies for the wait.

I'm not sure you'll be satisfied with the existing options for disabling functionality. Here is an issue you can follow for complete disabling of the management section -

Hello @mattkime,

Thanks for sharing the thread.
Appreciate it.
Will catch it from there.

Thanks, Brit

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