Role based Access in Kibana

I have a use case where based on Role user should be able to see only selected Indices for example compliance auditors should be able to see only compliance indices , they should not be able to see any other indices , I have create a custom role and assigned it to a user and does not provide any other role to user if I do that user is not able to see anything and I get a message that user is not authorized but If I assign viewer role to the user then user is able to see all indices

Is there anyway to achieve role based access or Kibana views

Have you seen Defining roles | Elasticsearch Guide [8.8] | Elastic?

Hi nitinkapoor, I think what you might be looking for is Spaces. You can create a Space in Kibana that contains only the dataviews and dashboards you would like a particular set of users to see, then grant those users a role with access to the indices reflected by the dataview(s) along with Kibana privileges only within the correlating Space. From within the created Space, those users will not see the other dataviews in the discover UI for example.

Roles can control access to indices, but not the visibility of indices. A space can control visibility of dataviews. I hope that makes sense.

See Spaces | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic for more details.

Thanks @Soucy

This worked , Thanks so much

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