Roles N/A in stack monitoring

Hi team,

how can i resolve this problem the roles is showing N/A in stack monitoring

i'm alreay specified the node.roles in elasticsearch.yml

Thanks in advance

Which version of the stack are you using?

Are you monitoring with metricbeat? Which version?

Hi ,

Thanks for your reply im just monitoring with self monitoring not metrictbeat the version of elasticsearch and kibana is 8.8.2

i don't use any beat

Self-monitoring is deprecated and should not be used anymore.

The option to show node roles was added recently, it works when using Metricbeat, but since self-monitoring is deprecated it probably was never added to it.

You should switch to monitoring using Metricbeat if you want that information.


thanks a lot i will install now metricbeat and i will back to you


i installed now the metricbeat how can i find the Roles


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