Roles / user with puppet


I am setting up TLS for my new cluster ELK (7.1.0). Everything is working well, except the roles / users management.

I am using Puppet to create roles and users.
The strange things are :

  • I create 2 users with the role superadmin. I can connect kibana with them. If I do /etc/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-users list , I can see them. But I don't see them in kibana interface. Strange ?
  • I need a logstash user / logstash writer (following the doc), so I created the role. Should that logstash_writer role be present on every elastic node (or only master?). It seems roles.yml should be the same everywhere. That means a restart on the node when a new role is added..
  • If I create a user with the kibana interface, I don't see it in users file on elastic master node. Is it normal ?

I would like to use puppet for every config. So I can recreate new env easily .


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