Rollup Job Visualisation - Top Ranking Items

Hi dear Elastic and Kibana Users,

i am having issues running a visualisation for the top tiers when going against a rollup dataset.
This issue happens in a pie diagramm aswell as a top list. The results vary when changing the amount of results displayed. In my understanding the Top 10 should be the same as the Top 15 for example... just without the 5 lowest. Is anybody else encountering this issue?

Regards Michael

Read this section of the doc: Terms Aggregation | Elasticsearch Reference [5.6] | Elastic

When you increase the n of the top-n in your search, elasticsearch will be more precise, but the search will also be more expensive.

I belive this is not valid for 7.xx ? or the latest versions...

My understanding is that this is still the case for current versions - Terms aggregation | Elasticsearch Reference [7.10] | Elastic

I referenced the old doc, since it provides an example of how using different N's will give you different results over the same data.

Is there some reason you believe this is not the case for recent versions Elasticsearch?

I am only having this issue on rollup indicies...

You'd think it would be less likely to happen with rollup's, interesting. But I think in theory it can still happen.

It doesn't seem like this is a Kibana visualization problem, if multiple viz's show the same data. I assume you see the same thing with a plain elasticsearch query? If so, probably best to ask on the Elasticsearch Discuss group instead.

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