RPM Repo Broken with RHEL Satellite

I was trying to add the RPM repo's provide by Elastic to my RHEL Satelite 6.0 server as that is how we do patch management. I was

I opened a case with Redhat to make sure of the issue is with Our environment or the repo. This is what they came back with.

CASE 01478075


As per below bugzilla Indexing should be enabled on Webserver,


Would you please check this with maintainer of website to know this has enabled already ?

Kind Regards,
Amit Upadhye.

I've asked one of the infra team to comment.

We've now got an internal task to enable this for you and any others that may want to use this method :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks! It will make it so much easier.

I don't mean to pester, but do the admins have a time frame when they will get to it. I will be deploying +100 servers with Logstash and rather push it remotely then have to login to every server to do the yum add.

I do have alternatives but if I could do it the first time the right way, saves me from testing it later on.



Ed, thanks so much for your patience on this one. The issue is that our artifacts are not stored next to a traditional web server where we can simply flip on +Indexes. We store the artifacts on S3, then for good measure throw a proxy on top so that we can provide nice things like redirects and metrics to improve the experience for all (except in this case!).

We've been working to solve a bigger issue to make our software repository more robust, but I think we can probably do something here as a stopgap. I created this by hand based on a Debian mirror's index.html:


Can you tell us if this would satisfy RHEL Satellite Server's requirements? That way we could simply populate these in every "directory" on S3 and hopefully help everyone.



I guess for a more realistic test you'd need something that linked to RPMs. Try this one.