Running kibana and maps service behind firewall

We want to run Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana behind firewall.

Is it straight forward or there is some special configuration to make?

this means we have to run our own maps service, as requests can't go out to the Elastic Maps Service.
We are looking at GeoServer, Kartotherian.
Most important is ease of installation and maintenance.
Any recommendations?

Hi @yahoo,

besides the maps service there should be no external dependency of Kibana. You would just have to configure it to use your internal maps server (see the tilemap setting).

GeoServer is an option we have recommended before. You might also have success using MapProxy and preseeding its cache with the data you need.


We're currently exploring offline maps in Kibana, there's no ETA but keep your eye out!


Another comment I'd make is you may not be able to use the standard process to install plugins because of being behind the firewall. I had the same problem and had to do an offline installation instead.


@stevedearl, that is true, but the offline installation should be identical except that you pre-download the plugins and specify their locations with file:/// urls to the kibana-plugins installer.

Where can I find a simple recipe - with a concrete example that works - for setting up geoserver with kibana?
The current available info in the documentation is too general. has some info.

This blog post might also be useful:

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