SAML configuration in a Elasticsearch cluster

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I have a question, i have enable SAML in my Elasticsearch cluster.
and i enable SAML in each node, that is i write the SAML configuration in each node's elasticsearch.yml.

I want to ask if this is necessary, or i just need to config the Tribe node
no need enable the Master-eligible node and Data node and Ingest node.

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We recommend configuring the realm on all nodes in case one node becomes unavailable, you can point Kibana to a different node easily.

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but through this reference
we can install kibana and elasticsearch(Tribe node) in the same node, and configure Kibana point to the local client node.
Q1.In my understanding the kibana just need to communicate with Tribe node, so other nodes don't need to configure realm. is my understanding right?
Q2. in our cluster, we have 8 node for elasticsearch, and 2 nodes for kibaba, 3 nodes for logstash, can you give us some advice about how to manage the elasticsearch node, how many for master? how many for data. how many for ingest...

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