Save index data when index rollover

Hi there!

My problem is this:


This data is just from 3 days!

I'm trying to save my data when i do an index rollover.
Is there any configuration to do it? I mean, saving it on a .xls, .txt... or just a simple snapshot.

Thank you very much!


Yes, you can configure the Index Lifecycle Management (ILM) policy from Kibana. This page gives you instructions on how to do this: Tutorial: Automate rollover with ILM | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic

With ILM you can have different "phases", like hot, warm, cold, and frozen to move data into cheaper, but slower storage tiers (like spinning disk HDD or even Amazon S3). You can also leverage the Snapshot Lifecycle Management (SLM) feature in conjunction with ILM in order to wait for a snapshot to be taken prior to deleting an index. For this, see Wait for Snapshot.

Thanks you a lot! I'll try it now.

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