Saving time filter for a user session


Is there a way to save time filter selection for a user session.

Use case :

We have navigation from one dashboard to another using markdown.

Dashboard were saved initially with time selection for e.g. last 24 hrs.
If a users wants to search data for a particular time window which they select in first dashboard, but then moves onto second dashboard for more granular information, time changes back to saved time from dashboard i.e 24 hrs in this case.

Thus every time user have to change the time selection.

Even the > timeRestore property doesn't help as setting it false defaults the time selection to value set in timepicker:timeDefaults

I tried setting state:storeInSessionStorage to true, but I believe it is for some different purpose.

it becomes very irksome to change time if you have many navigation and you are trying to focus on a particular time window.


When you put the dashboard in the markdown, ensure it doesn't have the _g query string parameter. If it is not there then the current "global state" will be used, and the time filter will persist when using the link.

Thanks Spencer, I'll try and update on this thread.

I checked the markdown we have,
it is like this

## **[       System 1](/#/dashboard/468f07e0-b03a-11e7-bc29-ad524d58b343)**

Then on the landing screen, they are like this

### **[_Release A_](/#/dashboard/42aa3b10-a22d-11e7-a2a3-756511b4ea73)**

We do not have _g paramter. I quoted just a couple, but its same in all of them.

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