Scheduled Email notifications (Alerts) with aggregated results in the form of excel sheets

How can i create rules and send mail in certain condition . also i need to attach excel sheet along with this mail

I don't think there's any functionality in Kibana that generates an excel sheet. There is functionality that can generate a csv file that could be opened in Excel. But you didn't describe what would be in that data. If you can provide more info we can try to get you started on it.


Ask for CSV only . We have some table data in dashboard or Filtered data from Discover which we are exporting as CSV . These data has to be mailed once a condition met in Rules and connectors . While righting rules and we can generate a mail using mail connector. How can we keep a Excel table or attachement on mail body ?

Hi - I don't think we have this for Kibana Alerting, as LeeDr notes. If you use email Alerts you can use variables to create content for the email... and do what you wish after it is delivered.
Docs here:

I know this isn't the same as a file attachment. If you wish you can file an enhancement ticket here:

Feel free to post back the ticket if you create one so I could review.

Thank you!

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