Search DATE between 2 DATE points in data

Hi all,

I have data from an HR system
I have the following dates available for absenteeism (also for holidays)

SickLeave_StartDate 01-01-2021
SickLeave_EndDate 03-03-2021

So this person is sick from January 1 to March 3. When I now look who was sick in February, this person is not shown. I obviously have this problem not only on a month level but also on week and day.

Is it possible that kibana understands that this is a range so if I look who was sick on January 18 that this person comes back?

To solve the problem, a few more details would need to be clarified. What kind of document mapping do you have? what is your query and desired output?

if you have a document per sickleave, is it enough to query (SickLeave_StartDate less than January 18) AND (SickLeave_EndDate greater than January 18)?

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