Search visuallize throw "out of memory"

(Winlee) #1

can anyone help me ?

the server memory what i look:

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Where are you seeing the out of memory error? The two screenshots are of an exception in the browser and of Top on the server.

Regarding the Top screenshot: 1.5GB is considered normal. This can be lowered by setting an environmental variable when starting Kibana.

Example: NODE_OPTIONS="--max_old_space_size" bin/kibana

Regarding the browser screenshot: What browser are you using? Open you open the developer console and please provide the additional details of the exception.

(Winlee) #3

What your mean is setting the NODE_OPTIONS?
The browser what i used is IE and Firefox, they have the same error, and under the chrome, the visualize template when i opened user kibana is crash.
The total amount of data is 60Millions+.
the img in the below is under the firfox and when i searched twice, the page is crashed.

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