Searchable Snapshot - S3 - Object Lock

I have implemented a Frozen Tier with Searchable Snapshots within AWS S3.
To further protect the data and prevent deletion, I am looking to setup "Object Lock".

Will the use of "Object Lock" interfere in anyway with Elastic's Searchable Snapshot process?

Yes, that'll interfere with the snapshotting process. It won't be fatal, but I expect you'll see a lot of errors in the logs. Moreover it won't actually ensure that the data in the snapshots remains accessible to Elasticsearch, because accessibility is determined by the repository metadata which is written to new blobs on each change so locking old blobs won't help.

Thanks David.

What would be a good approach to perform backups snapshots? I was looking at lifecycle policies on the s3 to push data to another bucket.

See these docs:

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