Select data in the dashboard to exclude from the overall average and plot on other line

Hello everyone,

I am working with kibana version 7.17.
I am working on a project that shows the humidity of 5 sensors throughout the day. In elasticsearch is stored the humidity data, the identifier of the sensor that made the measurement and the time in which the measurement was made.
I would like to represent in a linear graph, in which two lines are represented, the average of humidity along the day of all the sensors except one and the one that is excluded to represent its average in a separate line in the same graph. I would also like this sensor to be selectable from the dashboard.
What I found is that it can be displayed statically in a graph but what I want is to be able to control through the dashboard the sensor that is excluded in the general average and that is represented individually in another line.

Do you know how this could be done?

The tricky part is where you want to dinamically set up a filter that excludes data from a panel. If your value was static then both Lens and TSVB can be configured to have layers with your custom filters.

If you can live with showing all the data and then have another layer that shows only the filtered data you can use TSVB for that since it has a setting to ignore the global filter. Then you can have a base layer that ignores the global filter and a regular layer that will show your filtered data. TSVB can generate charts and metrics so you can have different representations.

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And then on the TSVB data configuration for both the markdown and the line chart panels you have the bottom layer ignoring the global filter

Hope it helps!

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