Selected index changes when switching from Visualise to Discover

I'm using Kibana 6.3.2 and when I switch from "Visualize" to "Discover" it always reverts back to the index that was selected last time I was in "Discover".

This seems counterintuitive to me - I would have expected to remain on the same index when I switch.

The workflow I normally use is to use "Visualize" to view graphs to try to track something down, adding filters, and then clicking on the "Discover" tab to view the individual items. Given that I have lots of indexes and I'm always switching then I often find myself in the wrong index and this gotcha catches me out regularly.

Is there some way to make the selected index globally consistent between the two?

Unfortunately there isn't a way to accomplish this today, but I totally agree with you here... If I'm working with one set of data, then it makes sense to keep working with that set of data as I navigate between Discover/Visualize.

It seems somewhat related to Would you mind adding your comments there? Thanks!

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