Discover on dashboard changes Add filter source of filter


I have dashboard which has multiple visualizations from one index "index1". Add filter offers fields from this index. When I add discover list from "index2" to dashboard, it suddenly changes the options in Add filter to fields which are only from "index2".

Why is this happening? Where can I choose which index is used for Add filter? I dont have any dropdown option to choose index from.

Thank you

Hi, which version of Kibana are you using? In 7.16, there is an option to select the index pattern the filter will use:

Could you provide a screenshot of what you see when you click "Add filter"?

Hi @tsullivan I use 7.10. It gives me two options but both are related to discover lists and not to other visualizations which use different index. Please take a look on this screenshot. My data are confidential so I at least tried to rebuild my dashboard in Paint to have better imagination of my problem . You can see there is missing Index 1 eventhough its used for controls and vega charts.

And when I had only one discover list, it didnt even give me option to choose index in Add filter. Now it gives those two related to discovers.

Thanks Michael, I see what you mean. The index connected to the Vega chart is not available as an option.

Do you have an Index Pattern saved object defined for Index 1? If not, that may solve it.

If that doesn't work, a possible workaround may be to add an additional a simple visualization, such as a Metric, based on Index 1 in this dashboard.

Index pattern for index 1 is defined. Putting Metric visualization on the dashboard helped. Now I have three option to choose from, however, this is not intented by our client to have an additional visualization on the dashboard, so basically its not possible to satisfy client´s requirements.

Thanks anyway

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