Sending cisco switch logs to elasticsearch

Hello community.
I want to send my cisco switches logs to Elasticsearch, and we can't install elastic agent or beats to switches so what are the best ways we can send those logs to the elasticsearch.

You don't install agents or beats on network devices, you install and configure them on a separate server and configure your network devices to send the log to those agents as they were working as syslog servers.

For example, the Cisco IOS integration of the Elastic Agent can be configured to listen to events on some port using TCP or UDP, you would them configure your switches to send the logs to that port.

Thanks bro @leandrojmp for your replay we finally solved.

However I have an issue related to connecting AWS Cloud Watch to my local Elasticsearch here is the question I asked Sending AWS Cloud Watch Logs to Elasticsearch still [Sending AWS Cloud Watch Logs to Elasticsearch]

can you also help me this question pls


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