I installed Elasticsearch 7 on the ubunto AWS Lightsail. It's working perfectly on localhost.
However, I have Magento2.4 on another EC2 AWS server, but I don't know how to use Elasticsearch on another server, I have already released port 9200 on AWS. I created a fixed IP, but externally you can't get access. How do I connect Lightsail elastiserach servers with EC2 magento2.4.

Take a look at this

Remember as soon as you bind elasticsearch to the network it will be unprotected data store.

Please secure it, that is why we offer TLS and Auth as a Basic / Free features

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Adding to this that a very fast and efficient way to have all set in few minutes is by using Cloud by Elastic. It starts from around $16/month.
Also consider using may be AppSearch for Magento. @Aurelien_Foucret1 wrote some interesting code for this:

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