Set permission view specific dashboard only

Im using Elastic stack V6.2.2
I have new rule : group INDEX_A have permission in index INDEX_A-*.
Dashboard called AUDIT - show all visualization of index INDEX_A-*
Im setting for user A with permission "kibana_dashboard_only_user" and INDEX_A. But when user A logon, User A can see all list dashboard.
Now i want user A only see dashboard AUDIT in list dashboard.
How can do it? If dont have this option, can i request this feature in next version?

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Here I created an user called kuser with kibana_dashboard_only_user role on .kibana indices. When I login as that kuser, all I can see is the dashboards only. This is a list of dashboards as you described. So, now u want this user to access only one dashboard and not the rest ? Am not sure if this can be accomplished. Can you please open an enhancement request to address this ? I will also ask internally if this is already the case and can be accomplished already.


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