Set roles priviliges anonymous access kibana

I have kibana 7.2 and basic license

I am trying to hide or not allow any user to access some space, but there is no documentation to do it.

I just want to create a user who can access to different workspaces with different privileges.
For example:

user administrator can access and view all workspaces with all privileges
the user employee just can access and view a workspace called employee that only allows reading data from dashboard, visualize and discover

I solved my problem.

It was because I created an anonymous access in elastichsearch.yml

This could not allow me to be privileged for roles.

Now if I keep this out when I create an elastichsearch request it asks me for username and password.
Is there a way to have both? I mean, you can create different roles with different privileges and elastichssearch doesn't ask for username and password or can create a anonymous access without this issues

Thank you

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