Hide space for user

I have kibana 7.2 and basic license

I am trying to hide or not allow any user to access some space, but there is no documentation to do it.

I just want to create a user who can access to different workspaces with different privileges.
For example:

user administrator can access and view all workspaces with all privileges
the user employee just can access and view a workspace called employee that only allows reading data from dashboard, visualize and discover

Does it possible ?? Could someone help me??

Thanks in avance

Hello Isaac,

Have a look here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/7.2/kibana-role-management.html

You can configure on each role which Space users with this role are allowed to see and even if they have readonly or write access (which is even configurable on a per feature basis).

Best regards

Hello wolfram

I tried this before, but after creating the role and assigning a user to this role, all workspaces are available to all users.

True, I can configure it, a user has real privileges (all, read or none) for a tab, but I would like the user to only see the associated workspaces and can't see other workspaces

Thanks for your answer

I solved my problem.

It was because I created an anonymous access in elastichsearch.yml

This could not allow me to be privileged for roles.

Now if I keep this out when I create an elastichsearch request it asks me for username and password.
Is there a way to have both? I mean, you can create different roles with different privileges and elastichssearch doesn't ask for username and password or can create a anonymous access without this issues

Thank you

Hello Isaac,

You could install an apache server which is called by users who want to login anonymously. In the apache configuration you can create a forwarding rule to Kibana including the user authentication of a single user which should be used as an anonymous login.

Everyone with their own users can login using the normal Kibana UI.

Best regards

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