Set system to maintenance in Hearbeat

Before Heartbeat was GA, I already set up a Logstash pipeline to monitor our application's HTTP endpoint for uptime/downtime/errors/...

I would like to switch to Hearbeat now, so I can also easily monitor the system on other levels (webserver/appserver/db/...) as well. However I don't see a way to implement one feature I use in my current Logstash pipeline: I can set a field called "maintenance" to true or false, to differentiate between planned downtimes (marked blue in our dashboard) and unplanned outages (red).

My current Logstash filter (simplified):

    ruby {
      code => 'event.set("maintenance", File.exists?("/tmp/"+event.get("[@metadata][name]")+"_maint"))'

When I want to set a system to maintenance, e.g. our PROD environment, I just create a file /tmp/prod_maint (touch /tmp/prod_maint), and remove it afterwards (rm /tmp/prod_maint). This is easy to do with various tools, and gives me great flexibility.

I don't think I can add this with a simple processor, as those don't allow checking for files.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to do that?

@BennyInc Sorry for the late answer. I think this is an interesting feature request. Could you open an issue for it on Github?

Note: I linked the uptime repository instead of Beats as I'm thinking this could potentially also be a UI feature.

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I posted it here:

Thanks :+1:

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