Setting elasticsearch and kibana versions 8.3.0 on windows

I ran Elasticsearch from the directory where I unzipped the file, using the command "bin\elasticsearch.bat", the command ran successfully, and part of the outputs printed on the console are a 'Password' created for user "elastic" and an "enrollment token" which copied without any trailing or ending white spaces, and stored in a secured location;

After the command was done running, I opened a new command prompt window, and ran the following command to view the deployed cluster: curl -k -u elastic https://localhost:9200 , This prompted me to input the password that was created earlier which I did, after which I received the following error message printed to the console;

Then the following error was printed on the elastic instance running on the other window:

Please what am I missing here, I've been battling this for days now, thank you.


What is the version of your stack please? cc @Marius_Dragomir


@Marius_Dragomir the version numbers are 8.3.0 for both kibana and elasticsearch

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