Should filebeat be installed on all the clients

Hi All,
I have a doubt.
For getting information from the client machines ( 5 separate different machines) Should I install filebeat on all this 5 machines or I install filebeat on the elasticserver and enable the modules which I need to monitor.?
I feel it should be installed on the each of the client and configure filbeat.yml to communicate to elastissearch host, but

because of the developer/production setupcheck I am not able to make this 5 different machines to communicate with elasticsearch ip:9200

Guidance requested to clear this doubt
Joseph John

Kibana version:
Elasticsearch version:
APM Server version:
filebeat version

If you are processing files on these 5 machines, you need the filebeat agent on them. Other attempts to work around that bring more problems (like trying to read logs off a file share).

What will they allow? A different port? A 3rd system between the clients and elasticsearch (like logstash).

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