Show incremental data in Kibana [ Like Incremental Bytes value ]

In my setup, IN/OUT bytes value is an Incremental one.

For example,
1st 60mins --> 120KB
2nd 60mins --> 134KB
3rd 60mins --> 160KB

How do I graph it ?. Since, this bytes value is incremental one.

Either any option to show end value , like in my case total consumption bytes value is 160KB.

Graphs comes like this, but its not a correct one. Since, if 3rd person come and check the graph, he may thought total consumption of BW is 414KB. But actual consumption is 160KB only.

This isn't yet available in KB, you'd have to see if you can script something to get the results you want.

Thanks for your reply.

I think, I can get the value if set "Metric Aggregation" to "Max". Could you please confirm , this is a correct method ?

This is my data,
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "3559817"}
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "4559817"}
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "5559817"}
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "6559817"}
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "7559817"}
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "8559817"}
{"cClientID": "117928312", "IoBytesSent": "9559817"}

Kibana output

That's not incremental, that's the max value of the field.
But it does show a point in time value of consumption, which sounds like what you want :slight_smile:


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