The Y axis in kibana offers Min and Max

(R Heng) #1

Is there a way to get the absolute?

for example:

I'm tracking total space consumption. Since there is no cumluative sum, i calculated that outside of elasticsearch before indexing.

so now i'm showing

day 1
value = 100
bucket1 = 100

day 2
value = 200
bucket1 = 300

day 3
value = -200
bucket1 = 100

I'm usin the max so the graph will show 300 and not 100 because the Y axis is based on Max.

I'd like to show 100 if there were an absolute value, meaning take the values whatever it maybe for that time.

Does that make sense?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

What are you looking for the X and Y values to be?

I was able to create a bar chart using the data you provided, but not sure this is what you're looking for.

(R Heng) #3

use a line chart and histogram (3 inserts) - i set for daily

so the field value (as i mentioned i calcluated the cumulative sum outside before indexing into elasticsearch)

So now, first insert into elastic let say the user used up 300KB. then the next index the user used up another 400KB. So my first insert to elasticsearch would be 300KB, my next insert would be 700KB.

Now lets say the user deleted 200KB. My third insert would be 500KB.

so i expect the dot to be at 500KB, but you'll see that it is at 700KB becaue of the Max setting of value.

Does that make sense?

(R Heng) #4

actually if adjust daily to minutes, it'll show what i expect. but i was kinda expecting to see the same data on both data. the space consumed would be the same. as you can see, there are different.

(system) #5