Show monthly avrage as 24 hours

i have web site logs feed to elasticsearch.
now i want to aggregate data and couldn't achieve it .
i want to give kibana a time frame , lets say 1 weeks and i want to get bar visualization of average clicks per hour.

just to be clear i want 24 bars every bar represents one hour interval.
but the value of that bar is this exact hour average across the selected time frame .
7PM bar with 1 week time frame will show the average between
7pm today
7pm yesterday
7pm 3 days ago
7pm 4 days ago
7 pm 5 days ago
7pm 6 days ago
7pm 7 days ago.

Kibana works on days, ie 00:00:00 to 23:59:59, rather than specific 24 hour periods.

You may want to create a feature request if you want to see this sort of functionality.

ok can these be done through elastic search?

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