Show timeline information in Canvas

Hi! I'm creating a visualization in Canvas and I need to show a queue timeline like the one in the upper right corner of this image:

It is important that where one line ends the other starts. I want to show time from task 1 to task 2, from task 2 to task 3, and so on.

The image source is

They do not explain which element they used and/or how.

This looks like an enhancement request to me , as the images are in continuation. I tried a bit , but I thought that this might be an enhancement request ..but I will tag @tims /@Catherine_Liu for more inputs.


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Hi @clarissacastella, this particular demo uses a plugin to enable html within canvas elements, here is the github repo:

We can't enable this plugin natively for security reasons but if you are running your own kibana instance you can add it and build Canvas elements with html. This is not officially supported by Elastic though.

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