Showing multiple metrics with conditions and calculation in visualize tool in Kibana

I want to create a table in the Visualize tool in Kibana where I show several metrics with condition and calculcation. I have created a generic example in excel, see below. I know the basics. On how to produce the first two columns, be the other ones are harder. I tried looking into adding JSON input with adding another Count and adding a script, but i dont get it to work unfortunately. Any ideas?

Hi @axlb,

I don't think this is supported currently, but can be tracked here. Also there is a chance that a 3rd-party kibana-enhanced-table plugin can do what you want.

Also it may be possible to achieve this with Canvas and ES-SQL too, you'd need to experiment.


Hi. I tried Canvas with ES-SQL before but it has limitations in the queries (ORDER BY gives timeouts for example).

I did actually solve it in Visualize by myself by using the table in Visual Builder, utilizing Filter Ratio for the fourth column and a basic Filter for third column (using multiple Metrics just to be clear). Then, I just added the visualization in a dashboard.It's not perfect, but it suit my needs as of now.

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