Showing status : Red and request timeout after 3000ms

HI ,
i am new to elk stack and i have no idea why i am getting the following error in kibana and after few webpage refreshes it working again.

and also if i try to search the keyword its taking lot of time it never happend like this before and im so clueless about it .

please help me solve it.

Kibana depends on Elasticsearch for processing so if it is slow it can be that your Elasticsearch cluster is overloaded. What is the output of the _cat/health API?

thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist for replying in a short time

today its fine and working
here is the output of _cat/health :
1559724725 08:52:05 escluster green 7 2 502 251 0 0 0 0 - 100.0%

but on that particular day all of sudden the kibana displayed status : red

by default the heapsize will be 1GB right ? but why its showing 297.74 mb

is this problem solves if i just increase the heap size ? can you please update me

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