Size of the circles in Kibana Tile map visualization

In Kibana we have a visualization called Tile map which has has several options to customize, such as map type.

My question is about one of this types: Shaded Circle Markers which is basically about changing colors based on value.

Documentation says:

Displays the markers with different shades based on the metric aggregation’s value.

and that's correct, but I don't understand why some bubles are bigger than others.

I assume that this may be due to the distortion caused by Mercator projection, which which is well presented by Tissot's indicatrix, but I didn't find any source which confirming my hypothesis.

Could you confirm my suspicion or explain in other way this behavior?


Its a great q. I have posted this question internally.I will try and find the answer for you.


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You are correct, the circle sizes vary because of mercator project distortion.


Thanks @Nathan_Reese

Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it :wink:

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