Snapshot is broken for es 6.4.1

I'm testing ece 2.1 snapshot feature and find that snapshot is ok with elasticsearch 6.5.4 but broken with 6.4.1.
I found following message in cluster logs.

[2019-02-23T00:33:46,123][DEBUG][com.amazonaws.request    ] Sending Request: GET / Parameters: ({"prefix":["snapshots/346be4fb68d14cf6ac6402eaffcf409b/index-"],"encoding-type":["url"]}Headers: (User-Agent: aws-sdk-java/1.11.223 Linux/3.10.0-862.3.2.el7.x86_64 Java_HotSpot(TM)_64-Bit_Server_VM/25.144-b01 java/1.8.0_144, amz-sdk-invocation-id: 671b1c5b-adb7-f1eb-4a3a-ad42243cb555, Content-Type: application/octet-stream, )  

It seems like that es cluster don't get the correct snapshot config from ece repository.

Why snapshot is broken for 6.4.1 but ok for 6.5.4? These two version should be both 6.x.

Any tips? thanks!

There were some issues with snapshots over the last few versions of ES. The summary is something like:

  • 5.x - all works fine, (eg) putting all fields in the repo or all the fields in the YAML
  • 6.0-6.4.1 - some client fields have to be set in the YAML, others in the repo config (this is documented in the 1.1 docs)
  • 6.4.2-6.4.3 - client fields not supported (cripples some repo configs, so is not considered usable)
  • >6.4.3 - all works fine, putting all fields in the repo config or all fields in the YAML, or splitting client fields in the YAML and other fields in the repo config
    • (UPDATE:) In order to put all fields in the repo config, it is necessary to run ECE 2.1+
    • (the latter is the ES recommendation though has the downside of eg requiring plan re-configurations when changing the settings for existing clusters)

If you post which combination of fields you split between the repo and the YAML (and generally what your configuration is, since there are quite a lot of ways people use snapshots) we can probably help more


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Thanks !

So there is no relation with ece version.

If I use >6.4.3 version on ece 2.0, will snapshot still work well?

Oh sorry - there is one dependency on ECE version. In order to put all fields in the repo metadata from >6.4.3, it is necessary to run ECE 2.1+

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