Snapshot settings interval

Am I missing something here or are the directions to change the Snapshot settings interval just that poor. The 3rd, 4h and 5th steps dont even seem to exist when I'm on the deployment that I want to snapshot. I don't need the default 30 minute settings for this deployment.

What version are you running on? Can you provide a screenshot of what you see?

Those UI elements certainly existed the last time I tried to use them! I can have a look when I get a version


So ... it appears that the settings link doesn't appear until after the first snapshot has taken place - could that be the case for you? I'm raising an issue to reconsider that decision (and at least to update the docs)


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Version 2.3
You're correct, I started working on this right before I left for work and got so focused on looking for the Snapshot settings link that I didnt read all of the line on the Snapshot page. " After you have added a snapshot repository, configure the Elasticsearch cluster to send them to the repository and select the snapshot interval." A quick update to the docs would be nice but it is on the ECE admin page.

Now that I've found that part is there a way to set a time for the snapshot to take place? We only need daily for one index and would prefer off hours if possible.


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