Snapshots in Kibana show failed while running

We upgraded from 7.11 to 7.16.3 and after the upgrade when we run snapshots of indices Kibana will show all the shards failed while the snapshot runs. Then once the snapshot completes it will have updated info and will either have 0 failed or a number that I guess actually failed. Is this the new behavior for snapshots in later versions?

Prior to the upgrade when we ran a snapshot it showed 0 while running and then one completed it would show the number that may have failed.

We'd need to see examples of this behaviour to comment further.

Not sure what you need for an example but here is a screenshot when a snapshot is started on 7.16.3. The 2022_05_17 snapshot started with 244 failed as seen on the ones that are shown running (duration has spinning circle) and then after it completed the failed shards was 0. Some shards could fail as you can see further down once it was completed it shows 1 shard actually failed. Prior to upgrade failed shards was 0 while running.

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