[SOLVED] Beats event metrics in logs: official explanation?

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I'd like to get an authoritative definition of libbeat metrics as they appear in logs:

  • libbeat.es.call_count.PublishEvents
  • publish.events
  • libbeat.es.published_and_acked_events
  • libbeat.publisher.published_events

Is it a sign of an issue when the 3 last metrics are not equal to each other?

Also, why these metrics don't seem to appear altogether all the time? Example at line #2:

1. 2017-08-10T13:38:21+02:00 INFO Non-zero metrics in the last 30s: libbeat.es.call_count.PublishEvents=192 libbeat.es.publish.read_bytes=1576181 libbeat.es.publish.write_bytes=62636550 libbeat.es.published_and_acked_events=434170 libbeat.publisher.published_events=786426

2. 2017-08-10T13:39:51+02:00 INFO Non-zero metrics in the last 30s: libbeat.es.publish.read_bytes=2436637 libbeat.es.publish.write_bytes=9589446 libbeat.es.published_and_acked_events=675840


(Maxim Gueivandov) #3

Switching to logging.metrics.period: 1s makes it much easier to understand the difference between these metrics, and the meaning of their values....

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