[SOLVED] OSM-WMS Compliant Maps & Precision

With the recent decommission of Mapquest functionality with Kibana, I have been researching other WMS compliant maps. Leading me to a few questions;

  1. Is there a list of maps that are compliant with Kibana 4.5? I want to try a few and see which best-fits our business needs.

  2. If there currently no list of maps, what do I need to verify for a map to be compatible with Kibana?

  3. We have our own internal mapping system, that is OMS compliant, are there any good resources for a how-to with regards to making it work with Kibana?

  4. The precision appears to be a bit off, is there anything I can do to fine-tune this? In screenshot provided below, the circle should be on an intersection and not off to the side.. it appears as though this map is using a best-fit function to fit the circle to a grid.. is there anything I can do to increase precision?

The current map I'm using is: http://ows-tile.terrestris.de/osm-basemap/service?

Thanks for all the community support! ELK is pretty powerful.

I found what I believe to be the reasoning for (4.) the precision..

The coordinates are as precise as we need, however a geohash is manifested from this data. The geohash appears to be as precise as what is defined in the map. A comparison from a precise map (geohash.gofreerange.com) is compared with my current map in Kibana (http://ows-tile.terrestris.de/osm-basemap/service?) below, showing tiles that exactly match. However the precise map will allow for more characters (and thus more precision, as seen with the nested boxes).



If I find a more-precise map I can use with Kibana, I'll update this thread.

[Solved] -- it turns out the map precision wasn't the issue.. I was able to increase precision by adding to mapping for this object:
"geohash_precision": 9, "type": "geo_point", "geohash_prefix": true
That increases precision for Elasticsearch, however Kibana also needs precision updated in the advanced settings. Updating the precision for both of these services has increased precision as expected.