Solving "join" issues

In one index I have different retailers.

In another, I have different products with a list of who is selling these products.

For ease of manipulation latter on, and to "join" these two indexes, for the products, I have an array with the id's of the corresponding sellers.

I want to show a bar chart where I can see how many products are sold by which retailer.

Is this the best way of joining the two indexes:

I have a a bar char with count as Y metric and terms aggregation on seller.keyword
This then gives me different numbers (the id's of the different sellers and how many products they're selling). Then, so that the user can knows who is who, I add a "discover" panel showing the id and the name of the seller.

Is this the best way of proceeding?

@tomak Kibana/Elasticsearch have very limited support for "joining" between different indices. Using a Dashboard and the filters the way that you are seems reasonable though.

And would you have any other suggestions as to how to solve this?

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