Something wrong with notifications?

I have lately been receiving multiple notifications for the same topics even when nothing new has been posted or edited in them. Is this a bug that has been introduced recently?

I had that the other day for an hour or so, but it appears to have stopped.

I am still repeatedly getting notified on two topics without any apparent activity. I am still the last poster on both of them...

I'm now seeing this again with this thread - How to restore a seach

Ping @discourse

I am still seeing it on this thread: Mark IP Value with an external list

I have previously also seen it for this thread, but did not yet have any notification for it this morning: Error loading configuration after upgrading to 5.0.1

Can you provide screenshots of these notifications?

The notification, showing it was today, just a minute ago;

The OP;

Also happening for this thread Logstash cannot find mongodb output plugin

Another one for the immediately above thread

It's possible this was some temporary anomaly based on us shuffling around Redis data on hosting.

One bug I know we still have, is if someone edits a post that isn't the original author, this can sometimes generate spurious notifications under some circumstances.