Spaces and saved objects / return of experience

Hello, we have tried to migrate from flat dashboards/visu (well, saved objects) to spaces.
We had this requirement, and were very happy seing this feature coming up.

Unfortunately, we found that the feature is not so convenient for our ops and end users.

I'd like to know what are your thoughts, or if you see a bad usage / bad practice within those lines

Here is a list of bullet points that are a problem for us and our users:

  • When you are a user, you really miss a way of listing a dashboard, or a visualization across all of the spaces. Currently, when you are in a space, you need to know in which space is your saved object, then go to the tiny list of space initials on top/left corner, then swith then list, then select. In a word, a second dashboard is very far away in terms of clicks from where you are. Plus, you need to know where the target dashboard is

  • We often have to share some visualizations, or dataviews accross spaces. but the process is really new, and not convenient at all. Manually, why not, but by API, the sharable objects are a nightmare as most of the APIs have the space in the path of the endpoint.

  • Machine learning is half space, half not. We need to sync, and all. As an ops, it is very hard to understand. Why is it not a normal saved object?

  • Search everything to toolbar: This feature should be the pain saver for the user. At least, I would have expected that typing the name of the dashboard, or a tag had popped my dashboard, even if it is not in the current space, but in a space where I have the access granted.

  • For the OPS, there is a kind of mix around saved object ids. It is very weird that ids are unique across all the spaces, which causes conflicts on imports. I know that ids can be recomputed, but sometimes, we have them in the URL and the URL is already shared outside the system.

  • I would also mention that the APIs are not so clear, and a bit confusing. Sharing objects, syncing spaces, etc... waw....

Well to end up this wishing list, I think that spaces tempts to assign a real problem in older versions of kibana, but our USERs have been disapointed about the UX. I thought that tagging the saved objects, and creating roles around tags/fields would have better fit the basic concepts of elasticsearch indexer

I hope this wishing list is not underestimating the efforts that have been done, and you'll see it as a positive astonishment feedback

This is great feedback.

Thank you very much,

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